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Hegemon Sports is a manufacturer that specialism in establish sportswear and fitness wear brands through custom manufacturing, original garment design, marketing and brand development. Our service is “Set with you” making it easy for you to stay in control throughout the entire journey including:
We skillfully guide you through every steppropose a complete end-to-end Result for anyone desire to begin or Up rise their own Brand.
Designing your brand and product ideas
Sourcing the best pricing from other manufacturing partners
Creating high quality samples
Managing product and ensuring timelines are met Storing and  distributing your product to customers worldwide

How We Work

1 : Sampling & Pattern Making

Proofing your design before bulk manufacturing is one of the first and most important steps. We will cut Patterns and make a pre-production Sample for your approval. Our team of skilled sampling and pattern making specialists will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the garment before any further steps are taken.

2 : Material & Fabric Sourcing

We take away the headache of sourcing materials for you. We provide sourcing services as part of your Product manufacturing project and can help source high-quality fabrics, made specially to your specifics. Have your own fabrics and Materials – Great! If not – we will help solve this for you.

3 : Lowest Minimum Orders

Our Flexible Minimum Order Quantities allow new Brands to manufacture in bulk without strict requirements to order thousands of items per style. The standard MOQ is just 30pcs per style (incl. sizes and colors) but we also accept smaller runs in cases you are producing more than one style combined.

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                               You can also ask us for demanded material